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Prosecco is the new black!

Light and refreshing, with notes of fresh pear and lime, and a fine bead citrus finish, the Victoria Avenue Prosecco is the perfect start to any occasion.

12 pack / Unit price per bottle: $20

Region: King Valley 

Vintage: 2017 

Colour: Pale straw with lime hues

Nose: Citrus, pear with hints of gooseberry

Palate: Crisp, fresh pear and lime round out to a fine bead citrus finish

Alcohol: 12.5%

Food: Fish or Chicken

Drink Until: 2018

Vineyards in Victoria were first planted in 1854, and Victoria now has more wine producers than any other Australian state. We've selected only the best grapes from the most iconic regions to be represented in the Victoria Avenue range, and we are proud of our Victorian heritage