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Region: Veneto, Italy

Varieties: Pinot Grigio

Vintage: 2015

Nose: Aromas of fresh, crunchy pears and apples with a tiny hint of spice and an element I can only describe as sea spray

Palate: The palate is invigorating with citrus and a clean minerality. Drink with a creamy risotto of Riso Vialone nano, or a proper Veronese polenta with cured meat and cheese.

Alcohol: 12%

Background: Mandoleto is a collection of modern wines matched to the ideal Italian region, identified over thousands of years of trial and error. Mandoleto is named in honour of the Mandorlo (Almond) tree that grow alongside the vines on the steep hillsides. Each spring the Mandorlo flower, bringing a touch of beauty to the harsh landscape